The Lost Raghba | 5e Murder Mystery Adventure


In a district of Middlerock City, a hunched silhouette can be seen scavenging through the rubble of demolished shops. The female figure stands tall with arms resting on their waist as they look up and sigh in frustration. Pondering in her own thoughts whilst gazing upon the clear skies, her eyes widen as a body appears out of thin air above her. She steps back in panic as she hears a sudden loud thud. The mutilated body has fallen in the rubble in front of her. Taking a closer look, her eyes widens and she screams as she realized what she has seen was not her own imagination.

Product Description

The Lost Raghba is a murder mystery adventure that take place in the city of Middlerock in the Shattered Spires mountains, a homebrew setting published by Brightlybrewed. The adventure is compatible with 5th Edition and designed for four characters of 5th Level. The story is designed to be either a standalone short adventure, or to be incorporated into a longer campaign.

Players should be encouraged to be specific with their investigations, read between the lines, and make their own assumptions to proceed forward rather than relying on skill checks. It is a game that gives everyone the opportunity to role-play as the detective of their dreams!

  • Murder mystery adventure in a magic fantasy setting!
  • Can be completed in 4-8 hours, depending on players' skills.
  • An entire city map as the investigation ground
  • Additional custom deadline system.
  • Multiple endings and multiple solutions to the case.

Product Contents

  • The Lost Raghba Digital Colored copy
  • Unique City Map of Middlerock
  • Illustrated Battlemaps (colored & Print friendly)
  • Arrest forms (PDF-fillable & Print Friendly)
  • Art Tokens

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