Fluffy Tales | 5e Homebrew Races


Product Description:

Fluffy Tales introduces colorful characters

with grim backstories for 5th Edition, which includes

5 unique races for character creation.

Whether you are a player or a Dungeon Master, we are introducing
Stronghorns, Bunnetfolks, Grozelkins, Pachikos
, and Rodentfolks to

add in your adventures. Every race contains a detailed information on

their background, culture, religion, behavior, and traits.

Additional information is included, such as a list of names and items,

to assist with role-playing and character creation.

You will receive 5 homebrew races compatible with 5th Edition, with all the information you need:

• Background, culture, and values.
• Religion and Gods.
• Racial Traits and features.
• List of Suggested Character Names.
• Extra information to assist with character creation and role-play (favorite foods, items, jobs, etc.)

Full Product Contents
• A 29-page full color PDF ideal for digital use.
• A 15-page printable PDF for your table.
• 40 Fluffy Tales Character Tokens
•16 High Resolution Illustrations.

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